Ice Fishing Today

This is how today’s modern ice fishing adventure begins… with easy access to the information via the web that everyone needs to know to become a better ice fisherman.

You will see right away that this site is not just a bunch of fishing articles. IFT is the first of its kind to link a successful television series directly to the web. This web site is layered with dozens of video clips to make it easy to watch and learn directly from the experts. Click below to go Vexilar's Ice Fishing Today's website and start the adventure.


Along with the broadcast version of every IFT show, there are many related video clips that are ONLY available here on the Ice Fishing Today website. This is the most comprehensive and informative video supported web site ever made for the sport of ice fishing, so we hope you take the time to enjoy what it has to offer and be sure to tell your friends about us. IFT is delivering cutting edge fishing advice in a way never attempted before….. So your adventure is only beginning.

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