Recycled Fish 12 Questions: Dave Genz

Recycled Fish talks with some of the most interesting names in fishing. They’ve asked them all the same 12 Questions, and it’s amazing how broad – and also how similar – many of their responses are. This month’s 12 question interview is with Dave Genz.

Here we are in the height of ice fishing season for our series kickoff interview. There is one man more than any other who is responsible for ice fishing as we know it. He invented the “Fish Trap” – the flip style ice shelter, which has become a staple among serious ice anglers, and has now been adapted by a number of manufacturers. He’s got rod and reel combos, jigs, and all kinds of ice fishing accessories to his name. And that name is Dave Genz.

Dave, what got you interested in the outdoors in the first place?

“My father – I was lucky, I had a river in my back yard when I grew up. After school, I came home and played by the river all day. That was my childhood. But now, you know I’m an ice fishing guy. My dad was a road construction guy, so he wasn’t around much in the summer, but he was off most of the winter, so he went ice fishing every day. That’s what got me into ice fishing. That got me interested in what I’m doing.”

What is the biggest advancement in fishing that you’ve seen?

“Most recently, it’s the GPS and the lake map chips that go into them. That is by far the biggest advancement ever in fishing. It’s amazing how when the old green box came out they wanted to ban it – they said it was going to ruin fishing and there wouldn’t be any fish left. Then when cameras came.....

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first printed in January 2008

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